Five Reasons Homes Not SOLD

Most people believe there must be various reasons that a home doesn’t sell. In fact, from my view, there are actually only five primary reason fo it. If you manage to handle these five common mistakes, then you will never have a problem getting your home sold.

1. Over Pricing

Most of time, it is common that as sellers, we may ask whatever we wanted for our homes.  The real situation is that the market price is set by comparable properties, your home condition and market conditions.  If you are priced above either of these, then your home will sit for awhile. Looking at the price of homes currently listed for sale in your neighborhood indicates only part of the whole pictures. You must research how many homes are actually SOLD in the last few months, and how much they are SOLD accordingly.  The combination of these figures can provide you a better idea of what your home worth.  Consulting your agent, and ask them to provide you a comprensive CMA (or Comparable Marketing Analysis).

2. Home Presentation

Now, you have called and get your home show for your potential buyers. However, the home are not kept in well organized, clutter, mess, strange smells, or simply not showing properly. If a buyer doesn’t feel comfortable in your home, it is not likely they are writing an offer or will request a big cut on the offer. If possible, it is advantage to keep the house clean, and do some research on staging your home for sale. A small investment can make or save you thousands. Or, a listing agent can provide you a good advice and make a difference.   We actually hire a home staging professional (eg. HSR certified Professional Home Stager & Redesigner) to provide free consultancy to home seller, even provide free staging services for non-vacant home when applicable.   This free value-added services can bring great impression to your home for potential customers, resulting in better return for your home SOLD.

3. Listing Exposure

Sometimes, even though you have set a well priced on property, it still can’t sell. The fact is that if no one knows about your listing for sale, it will decease the chance of selling. If you are not marketing your home where the target buyers are looking for, then it is possibly that you will not sell it. The more your listing is exposed in the market in different channels, the better chance you will have. Nowadays, people are using the internet as their primary source of research. Be sure your home is easy to find and to search in the most common places, and different popular websites that people are looking for.

4. Non-attactive marketing materials

Internet is one of primary channels to potential buyers before they request an viewing. Professional pictures, video tour and professional looking flyers can provide good impression to your potential buyers. And may trigger them to view and make your home standing out comparing to similar property nearby. Good first impression can arose buyer’s interest to look more.

5. Availability for showing

Some buyers are requesting for showing and visiting in open house. It is always important for you to be available when you have requested. If you make the property difficult to sell, you will get less chance and minimize the chance to make an offer from potential buyers. Therefore, prepare to show or align with your listing agent to allow showing whenever possible. Do Your Homework. It is better to be more realistic with your objectives when you are selling and it is important for you to do your homework. As the marketplace changes, your strategy should also change accordingly. Too many people spend thousands of dollars, lots of their time. bear stress, but miss the best opportunities to sell. Or, they don’t have the proper market information to complete the sale successfully. “Ask for professional advice when you can.” Gather all the latest and marketing information. And ask for the professional advice when you can. We highly recommend that you hire a professional to ensure your sale is done properly, resolve your real estate transaction issues and protect your best interest. This may be one of the best investments and decision you can make.

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