Vancouver East

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East Vancouver is a region within the city of Vancouver, bordered to the north by Burrard Inlet, to the south by the Fraser River, and to the east by the city of Burnaby. East Vancouver is divided from Vancouver’s “West Side” (not to be confused with the “West End” of Downtown Vancouver or with West Vancouver) by Ontario St (although Main Street is used as a metonym as the nearest arterial road).Most of East Van is comprised of residential neighborhoods. But there are notable East Vancouver landmarks that attract visitors and are beloved by locals across the city.

Commerical Drive–also known as “The Drive”–is the best-known landmark in East Van. A street packed with restaurants, cafes, pubs, and shops, the Drive was once dominated by European immigrants; you can still feel the European influence in its many Italian cafes and delis, its German pubs, and its cultural festivals, including the annual Italian Day every June. The Drive is also the go-to venue for watching the World Cup in Vancouver.

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in the northeast corner of Vancouver is home to the Playland amusement park, Hastings Park, Hastings Racecourse, and–most famously–the annual Fair, the PNE, the giant, end-of-summer fair held every August.