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New Westminster’s dynamic condo real estate market with the latest and most comprehensive statistics at your fingertips. Dive into the intricate tapestry of trends, figures, and insights that define the landscape of condo sales, prices, and demand in this charming corner of British Columbia. Unveil the market’s secrets, guided by up-to-the-minute data, empowering you to make informed decisions whether you’re a prospective buyer, a savvy investor, or a curious local. From the ebb and flow of prices to the shifting preferences of buyers, this market update encapsulates the essence of New Westminster’s real estate journey. Explore the evolving nuances of the city’s condo market, capturing both its historical context and its forward momentum. Your window into the New Westminster Condo Real Estate Market Update awaits – a valuable resource for those seeking not just a condo, but a piece of a thriving community and a slice of the future.

Here is the latest New Westminster Condo Real Estate Market Update:

New Westminster Condo Real Estate Market Update

New Westminster Condo MLS® HPI Price

New Westminster Condo Sales Price (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Condo Pct. of Orig. Price (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Condo Days on Market (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Condo Price Per Sq Ft (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Condo Total Inventory

New Westminster Condo New Listings

New Westminster Condo Sales

New Westminster Condo Dollar Volume

New Westminster Condo Sales/Active Ratio

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