Burnaby Brentwood Mall

Burnaby’s Brentwood Mall is undergone for a major redevelopment.  The redevelopment plan will add ten towers and they are up to 70 storeys tall.

In September 2013, the redevelopment’s plan (conceptual) was approved by Burnaby City Council.  The existing mall area will be transformed into a dense, highly active and animated walkable urban neighbourhood and entertainment district.

Burnaby has implemented transit-oriented policies, thus taking full advantage of the SkyTrain routes to cross the city.  And this is to ensure that the community will be able to sustain the increase of its population and job growth.

The Brentwood project, by developer and mall owner Shape Properties, will be built in four phases over 20-years.   Although the conceptual master plan has been approved by burnaby municipality for the redevelopment, a rezoning application is required for each part of the project.

The Summary of the plan may include:

  • 350 new shops and restaurants
  • 10 High rise towers including 2 office towers
  • 50,000 square foot grocery
  • 4,200 residential units
  • The entire Brentwood development plan is divided into four phases.  Shape Properties plans to disclose more information in the new year, when the company opens its 14,000 sqft presentation centre.