Tony Robbins – The Keys To Massive Success

I like this Video and it is inspiring.  I hope you can like it too.  I share it here and also capture important points for your review below.  And we love to hear your comment and suggestion!

Lotus Yuen

Summary Points:

Resolution – Reason first, then get answer
Everything is changing everyday. You do not need to work on change, but you need to work on progress.

Three Steps for “The Keys To Massive Success”

1. Vision is compelling and set you goal clearly
2. Make sure you have strong reason to follow through (Strong force)
3. You got to review and feel it everyday

The above will be part of you and become part your world
See it everyday. View, feel it and experience.

Raise your standard – to change.
People like ‘Should’, but it is not going to happen.
You must to have ‘Must’, and find a way to breakthrough it.
Human human follow through what they believe they are.

People always say that we are not that type of person.
Then, ask yourself when you did define yourself the type of person.

When you find you have limitation? You should ask yourself when you accept this limitation.

You know your identity, that is what you lock in yourself. It always goes back to that identity.

Ritual means you do action consistently.

Do not just say you want to reduce weight for 10 pounds. You give a strong reason such as you want to build a strong body and make you strong everyday to tackle tought day-to-day task. And make you look good when you are nude….

If you identify yourself a new way, you own it everyday. It will help you to go into another level.

Every one has their standard way and everyone is different. Sharp your mind. It is inner game, you cannot control outside, but you can change inner mind.
Raise your standard – secret words.

Rituals is powerful. You need to rituals to back up your goal. You do small thing everyday.

Look at the successful people:
1. What is the standard you are holding up to?
2. And what are the little ritual to bring up?

Success and Failure are coming from Rituals, and that are little things are contributing to the result.

You need to do ritual other people do not do, and it brings you more what other people do not have.

People rewards from Public based on the practise for many years in private.

I am not competite with someone else, and I am competite with something I am capable of.

Who you spend time with is who you become.

You can raise a standard and have rituals to backup.


  • Step 1: Select an area of your life you would like to improve and describe what that area is like for your currently. Be specifc!
  • Step 2: Write down the rituals that have shaped your current conditions in this are. Be honest!
  • Step 3: Write down what you want. What’s your compelling vision? Be specific!
  • Step 4: Write down the rituals that will get you your compelling vision. What would you need to do differently each day to get what you want? eg. what day and what time?
  • Real power does not last. But Rituals can last a life time.

Two pains in your life:

Pain of self-decipline or Pain of Regrets

Do something for yourself. Change and change your life. Take control of yourself and go to another level. As what you do that have something you can give other people with your kids, your friends and your family.

Live strong and Live passion on it.