Selling Real Estate: About

Selling Real Estate: About

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First Class Marketing Strategy, Pricing, Exceptional services, Communication, Negotiation

Our goal is to help sell your properties for the most money in the least amount of time

First Class Marketing Strategy

The key to any marketing plan, especially in real estate marketing, is to identify the direction that you are going to take in order to maximize exposure to the right demographic of purchasers.
Online marketing is the trend for not only the future, but also in today marketing. Currently, 80% of buyers look online first. And we can a customized online marketing program to promote your home.
To learn more about our online marketing strategy, please contact Lotus for details.


Lotus provides you a comprehensive market analysis including comparable active, sold and expired listings in your area. You can determine your final price based on the informed information and facts.

Lotus will suggest to you ways to improve your home’s appearance to the average buyer.

Lotus will provide regular weekly update to you regarding all visits, comments from Open House guest, sales and listing activity in your preferable ways such as email, phone call, personal visit.

By understanding your needs and priorities, Lotus will negotate for you to maximize your interest.