VIP Seller Program

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Sell your house for best price & terms within your timeframe, and SAVE more!

Vancouver VIP seller Program

VIP Seller Program in a glance


  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free Comparative Marketing Report
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free listing in MLS
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free internet marketing to Local markets
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free internet marketing to Chinese or Asians
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free Unique and full color brochure
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free professional photography
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free video tour
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free google search marketing and social media marketing
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star Free Title Search
  • Vancouver Real Estate Star And more …

Bonuses – Limited offer for Qualified home


Vancouver Home Star Medal Free Home Staging Consultancy/Services by a HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesign 
Vancouver Home Star Medal Free Strata document

Other Bonus

Vancouver Home Star MedalGood Discount from our promotional partners for various business
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ask_and_answer Want to Sell your home with best price in the time you want?  And Save more?

The VIP HOME SELLER PROGRAM is designed to provide a high level of real estate service and benefits to Home Sellers that is unmatched in the real estate industry.   This unique program is focused on a primary objective: selling our client’s homes for the best price and terms, in the time you want for our VIP Home Seller Clients, and Save more.  The VIP Home Seller Program is an industry leader in the new world of residential Real Estate.


lampHere you go and how we save your time and money more!


  • tick_circle_frame Free the latest Comparable Marketing Report
  • We generate a comprehensive marketing report.  You will be fully aware of how many and how much home SOLD in your surrounding area with similar properties.  This can help determine the market price of your home.


  • tick_circle_frame Advanced internet Marketing
  • The internet is playing a significant role in the real estate industry. According to The National Association of Realtors (NAR), it is estimated that over 90% of people considering buying and selling a home use the internet in their research. They further estimate that more than 85% of these people use the internet as their only source of information about Real Estate.
  • Our VIP Home Seller Program takes advantage of leading edge internet technology that produces the outstanding results we consistently achieve for our VIP Seller clients.  Technology helps us to provide better service to our clients and expose more to different target customer groups. Our unique Lotus Yuen Home Marketing System is truly the next level of service to our clients.  Through our proprietary systems, we leverage technology to obtain maximum results for our VIP Buyer clients from our highly targeted, online and offline marketing efforts.  Learn more about the Lotus Yuen Home Marketing System. Internet changes fast, so that is not all. We have kept up what are the most effective internet marketing and apply to our home marketing system.


  • tick_circle_frame Professional and Personalized Seller Buyer Services
  • We understand that each VIP Seller clients have different reasons and objectives for selling their house. We provide the most effective help when we identify and understand the client’s needs and develop a solution that fills the need. We develop this understanding by consulting with our VIP Seller clients to develop a comprehensive home selling strategy.  We listen, understand and care our clients’ needs.  And your BEST interest is my FIRST priority.


  • tick_circle_frame 100% customer Satisfaction Guarantee  to our VIP Seller
  • VIP Seller can cancel at any time if we do not perform as we agreed.  Period. No exceptions. All we ask is that a VIP Seller gives us 2 business day and do our best to make it right.  We always appreicate all your feedback (Good or Bad).  This is the way we can improve beyond the first class services and server you better.


  • tick_circle_frame
  •  Professional promotion materials
  • We provide professional photography, full color custom-made feature sheet, and unique promotional flyers.   We want to showcase your home to all potential buyers.


  • tick_circle_frame Professional Video Tours
  • We provide professional video tour which composed of the professional photography, graphics and music.  All combined to showcase the the beauty of your home. Our tour are created for maximizing the public visibility and we integrates into the MLS and RealtyLink websites with our dedicated URL links.   This definitely give the buyer the best opportunity to experience your home.
  • tick_circle_frame No.1 Real Estate Broker in Canada 
  • We are #1 brokerage for the 3 consecutive year, recognized by 2013 Real Trends.  We have the #1 brokerage to back up to secure your real estate transactions.
    • #1 Canada’s largest brokerage
    • #1 Transaction Ends
    • #1 Dollar Volumn


  • tick_circle_frame Realtor Network
  • We have a strong Realtor network within Sutton Group or with other brokerages.  We communicate and promote your home to other Realtors at the earliest.  As such, they can get the first hand information and talk to their potential clients.


  • tick_circle_frame Promote in Different Language and different community
  • We promote your home in different languages not only in English, but also in Chinese.   In addition to popular English Real Estate website, we spent effort to promote in popular Chinese website.   We want to delivery the information to non-English speaking potential buyers to maximize the exposure.


  • tick_circle_frame Managing and Following Up the Transaction
  • After the offer is accepted,  we work closely with the buyer’s agent or buyer(s) on the subject removal.   We ensure that all project milestones are completed on time.  VIP Sellers are kept fully informed about all aspects of the transaction.
  • tick_circle_frame Sell more and Save more from our VIP Seller BONUS package.
  • Don’t miss this limited offer. Please continue to read on…

satisfaction Guarantee



AnnouncementLimited time offer

Your Special Bonus


VIP Home Seller Program – BONUS 1

Thumbs up Free Staging services by Accredited Staging professionals

emote_biggrinA statistic report from Real Estate Staging Association shows that a home with staging can be sold sooner then non-staging home.  And the home can be sold with better price and better return from staging and/or improvement… Click here to Read more about the report

  I will hire a Home staging professional  who is “HSR certified professional home stager & redesign” to provide free consultancy to your home.   We can provide free staging service for non-vacant home whenever applicable.   Please call  us for  staging a vacant home.   I provide this service for free as part of my VIP Seller Program.  I want to help you sell your home at the best price in the timeframe you want.   And make you happy.


VIP Home Seller Program – B


Thumbs up Free Strata Document

emote_biggrinWe will order all the strata document on behalf of you whenever applicable.


More bonus with Real Estate Promotion Partner

*** Special offers from our promotional partners ***

The following are offered by some of our promotional partners and exclusive to our VIP customers from

  • Renovation – 5% off from our business promotional partners.
  • Electrical service – 5% from our business promotional partners.
  • Free Mortgage advice – from Mortgage broker(s), TD Bank, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC – free appraisal fee.
  • Website development – starting 10% – 30% off from our business promotional partners.

We may not keep the complete list. However, Contact us for the latest list. **The offer from our promtional partners are Subject to change without any notice. register-now-button     We-listen-and-Care-your-needs-and-your-home

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