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Welcome to your ultimate destination for the latest Detached House Real Estate Statistics in the vibrant city of New Westminster, British Columbia. If you’re a real estate enthusiast, investor, or simply a curious local, our comprehensive New Westminster Detached House Real Estate Market Update is your gateway to the most current and insightful data shaping the housing landscape.

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Here is the latest New Westminster Detached House Real Estate Market Update:

New Westminster Detached House Real Estate Market Update

New Westminster Detached House MLS® HPI Price

New Westminster Detached House Sales Price (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Detached House Pct. of Orig. Price (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Detached House Days on Market (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Detached House Price Per Sq Ft (Average Price per sqft)

New Westminster Detached House Total Inventory

New Westminster Detached House New Listings

New Westminster Detached House Sales

New Westminster Detached House Dollar Volume

New Westminster Detached House Sales/Active Ratio

Discover in-depth market insights for New Westminster’s real estate market with a focus on key metrics such as average price per square foot, detached house sale prices, inventory levels, days on the market, and the typical price per square foot for detached houses. The Lotus Yuen PREC team has generously shared a segment of their latest report, and we’re excited to provide you with the remaining dataset. This information is crucial for making well-informed decisions regarding real estate transactions, setting competitive prices, and establishing effective timelines.

Moreover, we’re ready to offer you a comprehensive report on the real estate landscape in New Westminster. This report not only encompasses various property types available in the region but also delivers a thorough breakdown of SOLD properties, categorized by different price ranges. This all-inclusive resource will equip you with priceless insights, enabling a deeper understanding of the current real estate trends in New Westminster.

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