Burnaby Community Plans

Burnaby Community Plans

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Community Plans

These community plans of Burnaby include strategies for land use and development, transportation, infrastructure servicing, and other related development issues for Town Centres, Urban Villages, Suburban Multi-Family Areas, Mixed-Use Areas and Park/Conservation Areas.

All of the City’s Community Plans are a result of detailed planning and land-use studies completed in conjunction with a comprehensive public consultation process with property owners and residents. The final authority of Community Plans are established through their formal adoption by Council as a policy guideline for consideration of specific rezoning and development applications. Overtime Community Plans and general land use designations are subject to change and amendment by Council to serve changing community and development needs.

It is important for home buyers and home sellers to know more about the community plans in the areas they considers.   The community plan can tell what is the zoning and planning for the areas in near future from the city’s prespective.  The planning may change the value of property in future in a positive way and a negative way, eg changing the zoning, potentially changing the zoning.    Talk to a reliable Realtor and let the professional help to clarify.  

Burnaby’s Community Plans

Town Centres

The City’s existing development framework includes four Town Centres within the four quadrants of the City.  These are four major town centres in Burnaby.

Metrotown – Regional Town Centre

Land Use Map

Brentwood Town Centre

Land Use Map

Edmonds Town Centre

Land Use Map

Lougheed Town Centre

Land Use Map

Each of these centres has contributions to Burnaby’s increasing overall diversity and self sufficiency by combining transportation and social infrastructure with residential and employment opportunities. These town centre areas provide for higher density forms of housing in the City’s most urban settings.

In addition to Land Use map of Town centres, we are familiar with Burnaby areas and always keep up-to-date with city plan so that our clients can always get updated information.  In case you want to more information such as community plan and land use plan of Urban Villages, Suburban Multi-Family Areas, Mixed-Use Areas and Park/Conservation Areas,  let us know and we can definitely help with our expertise.